Orc Magic

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Orc Magic

Postby J Rzasa » Tue Mar 15, 2011 9:38 pm

Ok kids, need some help from you all. I love the new Goblin Magic, its really good. All the spells are decently useful, nothing I wouldn't want to get stuck with.

However, Orc magic baffles me.

Gaze of Mork: 4D6" line, anything under it takes an S4 hit. This isn't bad, not terrible on a 7+, 10+ you get 8D6". Decent spell.

Brain Bursta: 18", can hit one model as if you had the sniper rule, S5 hit. 36" on the upgraded version. Again, good, not amazing. Worth taking to nuke an enemy wizard from across the table, blow a skink priest off a Stegadon.

Fists of Gork: Gives the Shaman +3 Attacks, +3S, and a 6+ ward. It's a remains in play. I'm a little underwhelmed by this. I guess it makes a 200 pt wizard useful, but its nothing ridiculous. Easy to cast. If you have more units in combat than fleeing this is +4S, so an Orc Shaman is S8. But the Goblin one gives an entire unit Poison attacks. I guess I'd need to play with it, but if you're counting on your shaman to do damage, you're in trouble.

The Hand of Gork: Moves a unit 3D6 inches, or 5D6 if you increase it. Can't shove them into combat. I don't see myself using this often, or at all. I guess if I have a unit stuck somewhere, or if I want to toss a unit behind a combat. But who knows what will be where when the turns end.

Eadbutt: You can cause a S4 Hit with Multi Wounds to an enemy wizard in 4D6 inches. This might be cute against another goblin player, a Grey Seer, or Empire. Maybe Brettonians. Useless against Dwarves, and probably Chaos Warriors. If your opponent isn't fielding wizards, or they are out of range, this is effectively neutralized.

Ere we go: Targets all Orc units that are in range, 2D6. Re-roll To Hit rolls in close combat until the start of the caster's next Magic Phase. Ok, this is amazing. This and the next are easily the best of the bunch.

Foot of Gork: Giant template that scatters, S6 with Multiple Wounds, on a 4+ it does it again, your choice, could be same unit. It's S7 if you have more units in combat than fleeing.

Ok, so this doesn't look too bad. However, there is no way you'd let me get Eadbutt or Brain Bursta off if it could do serious damage. You could be afraid of Foot of Gork, but if I don't have it, you're definitely not letting these get through. Ere we go is amazing, but if you're worried about it, you toss all your dice at the shaman when it would matter most. An irrestible force would suck, as I'd probably lose the Shaman.

Fists of Gork I'm on the fence with. In a perfect work, you use Eadbutt to kill off the magic defense, and then use Fists to make yourself crazy, Ere we go to make the unit crazy, and then you beat face in. But a 6+ ward means you're going to lose your Shaman in combat. I'd target the shaman, they have terrible stats, and 3 wounds at best.

It seems like no way I slice it, the Goblin Magic seems to look better. Sneaky Stabbin giving a unit Armor Piercing and allows them to re-roll to hit and wound rolls on a flank or rear combat is amazing. Vindictive Glare giving 2d6 or 3d6 S3 shots is amazing, if you roll well. It should be at least as good as Gaze of Mork. It won't wound as easy, but its more hits. Gift of the Spider God giving a unit Poison attacks is amazing, and if you have Poison attacks it makes them a 5+. Itchy Nuisance should shut a unit down, or make even Chaos Warriors strike last. Gork'll fix it is arguable better than Ere We go, as it makes an ENEMY unit re-roll to hit, to wound, and armor saves of a 6. You slap down the poison attacks, hit them with that, and they could be in trouble. Night Shroud is alright, gives you some cover against charges. Good against Frenzy Armies.
Curse of the Bad Moon is simply ridiculous.

So, anyone have any ideas. Something I'm missing? Is it a case of Orc magic being good but Gobbo magic being better? I feel like some of the regular lores in the main book are better than the Orc one, with the Gobbo one being about on par.


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Re: Orc Magic

Postby Dez » Tue Mar 15, 2011 9:47 pm

Nope, the Orc magic is pretty bad. The only fun thing I could think of is putting Shaman on Boars and taking the signature spell. Then just running around units and cutting them down in the crossfire. Hardly effective, and that's about it.
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