Forbidden Lore.. What lore?

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Forbidden Lore.. What lore?

Postby Galaan » Sun Jan 30, 2011 10:43 pm

Access to every lore (except life) is really nice, but it's become hard to pick one. I've been play testing a couple different combinations and straight lores, and i think I've homed in on a couple and would like to share with the other... I'm actually not sure how many people actually FIELD their vamps anymore... =)

My favorite at the moment is metal, hands down this lore instantly benefits my play style, I like fielding as close to a traditional blood dragon army as one can get. This means as many knights and Grave Guard as possible. I know from the faces of people as i lay down 50-75 of them on the field that people do not not like fighting them =)... I then cast glittering robes boosted and suddenly that sweet face gets even sweeter as they realize those Grave Guard now have 2+/3+ armor depending on equipment. Also Blades of Aiban makes the Grave Guard +1 to hit, AP, and their weapons become magical. With helm of commandment your WS7 Grave Guard are +2 to hit and -2 to enemy armor, plague of rust the enemy and everything from 4+ armor up loses their saves in combat. give that unit Hatred and you are almost promised in the first round all of your attacks will connect, giving you a TON of killing blow opportunities. This combo allows you to give the banner of barrows to a different squad of Grave Guard, increasing their combat effectiveness. I've dropped taking hordes in favor of taking bricks of 25 Grave Guard and the more I can boost the better. I'm planning on running a corpse cart to drop the bound spell and give some of those Grave Guard ASF, which is also nice.

The issue? Power dice. Winds of magic is a fickle mistress, and whenever you need them, your 2d6 always comes up low. The great thing about Vampire Counts is we have consistent magic. This consistency comes in the form of Master of the Black Arts, every vampire gets 2 power dice for itself, not so great on itself but this is were I diverge from the blood dragon formula. Running 1 Vamp lord and 2 Vampires all with MotBA give me 6 PD per turn, the average roll being 6-7 I will almost always have 12 PD to cast with, 8 for metal alone! the other 4 I've been spamming Invocation of Nethek with 1 dice to cast, if i break by rolling a 1 or 2 I just move to the next vampire. The first time the enemy sees me cast metal (and the results of it) they usually focus on stopping those spells, letting me get my IoN spells off and getting my Grave Guard back into the fight.

As I test more lores I'll add to this with my results, opinions/suggestions/criticisms welcome of course. =) Good luck, Children of Nagash!


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