Extra-Life 2017

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Extra-Life 2017

Post by Inquisitor Wall » Sun Sep 03, 2017 10:34 pm

I will be organizing a Warhammer 40K Mega Battle at the Hadley American Legion to support the Baystate Children's Hospital on Saturday November 4th. The full details are listed below. Space is currently limited to 20 players, so be sure to sign up early. (Some minor updates will be added to these details as we get closer to the event.)

Date/Time: November 4th 2017 from 11 AM-8 PM

Location: Hadley American Legion 162 Russell st (rt9) Hadley MA

Registration: $25.00 advance registration (registrations cannot be refunded, but may be given to a different player). Payment can be made through Paypal to Kevin Wall at Wallk583@gmail.com or by giving cash to Kevin Wall. There is currently space for 20 players (10 Imperial (including eldar and dark Eldar) and 10 Chaos (Including Orks, Necrons, Tyranids). Except for Marc L, you must sign up for the side your army is aligned with)
Registration includes entry into the 40K apocalypse game, a pair of custom Extra-Life dice, and 5 raffle tickets.

Army lists must be emailed to Kevin Wall at Wallk583@gmail.com by November 1st.

Game Length: Each side will have :45 to complete their game turn. After each turn there will be a 10 minute break for players to get food/drinks and use restrooms. After turn 2 there will be a 30 minute lunch break.

Generals: Each side (Chaos and Imperial) will select a player to act as the general for their side. The general will be required to help keep turns moving, and determine tactical decisions for their side. As general, that player will receive 2 additional VP at the end of the game.

Army setup:
Up to 3000 points from up to three detachments.

Each player receives poker chips based on their chosen army composition. All fractions round up.
Troops and Dedicated transports = 1 point/10 wounds
Fast/Heavy/Elite = 2 points/10 wounds
HQ/Fliers= 3 points/10 wounds
Super Heavy/Lord of War/Fortification= 5 points/10 wounds
** Units will give points based on the highest value (Abaddon will give 5 as a Lord of war, not 3 as an HQ)
Whenever a unit is fully destroyed, the owner must give the player that killed the last model/wound poker chips = to its total.

Sample Army list (need to make one once the new Chaos book is out)

Game Play:
Each player receives a “Home Base” to deploy anywhere in their deployment zone. During the game any models arriving from reserves, summoning or deep strike must arrive within 48” of that player’s “Home Base”. At the end of turn 3, each player with a “Home Base” removes their homebase from the table, and scores 5 points.

If at the end of any turn, a player has no models from their army within 6” of their home base, and there are enemy models within 6” of their home base, the enemy with more wounds of models within 6” of the Home Base removes it from the table and scores the 5 points for it.

Table Objectives:
There will be 2 objectives placed on the centerline of each table. At the end of each round (full turn) the player with the most wounds worth of models within 6” of the objective claims the objective for their side. Troop units will have the Objective Secured rule. Each player that controls an objective gains one point. Each player on the side that controls the most objectives gains 1 point.

At the end of 5 turns the individual player with the most total points (including starting+kills+ objectives+ any bonus points for being a general or players choice - models lost) is the overall winner.

Points will also be awarded 2 points to each side’s general selected by their players (2 points), MVP per side (3points), Overall Players choice (5 points)

Player Expectations:
Army set up and ready to begin on time. Anything not set up on time must be held in reserves. If a player needs to leave early, then their models must also be removed from the table and will count as casualties not assigned to another player.
Players are expected to be at the game table during both their turn and their opponents turn.
Players must have a printed copy of their army list. This can be legibly handwritten or typed. Army creator programs are acceptable as long as point values have been double checked.
Players must have a tape measure and dice and any other materials they may need for their army.
Players are reminded that this is a charity event, and is designed to be a fun environment for all players. Please keep that in mind when creating armies, and while playing in the event.

Changes to the standard rules:
Morale:If a unit fails a moral dual and is wiped out at the end of the turn, and was not engaged in close combat, no player scores VP for the unit. Their VP tokens are simply discarded. If a unit is engaged with more than one enemy and is wiped out in the moral phase, the enemy who did more wounds to the unit receives the VP for the unit.

Fight phase: During the fight phase, after charging models have made attacks, each player on the opposing side with models engaged with an enemy can choose one unit to spend command
points to attack out of order. Once all of those attacks have been made, each player whose turn
it is will choose 1 unit to make attacks with. Once those attacks are complete, each player on
the opposing side with models engaged will choose 1 unit to attack with. Once all units that are engaged have made attacks, the fight phase is complete.

Add ons (Can be purchased before the game):***Looking for more***
Command point $1.00
Extra- Life (restores 1 wound to a model reduced to 0 wounds) $1.00
Orbital bombardment (D6 mortal wounds to a unit) $3.00

All proceeds from the event will be going directly to Extra-Life. I will publish the complete break down following the event.

Plaques for first, second and third place finishers.

Raffle Prizes:
Painted Guilleman
Painted Kill Team Cassius
Gift cards to Off the Wall Games
Warhammer product provided by The131.

50 sets of dice have been ordered. 20 sets for preregistration, 30 sets for sale at the event for $5.00 per set.

Other Games:
If you would just like to come hang out for the day and play board games, we would love to have you. There is a suggested donation of $5.00/person who would like to use the space or the board games that are available.

We will be providing a number of board games for people to play throughout the day as well including: Catan, Munchkin, Talisman, Gloom, Boss Monster, Carcassonne, and Guillotine. All board games will have an Extra-Life ability for $1.00. Players will be able to reroll one die, or regain one lost life during the game.
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Re: Extra-Life 2017

Post by krag123 » Thu Sep 14, 2017 1:45 pm

I have read over this a few times, but its always possible I keep missing it. How will named charters be handled? Will named characters be banned, or is it possible that there will be multiple Roboute Guilliman's or others fighting on the same team at the same time. Are there still slots open?

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Re: Extra-Life 2017

Post by Inquisitor Wall » Thu Sep 14, 2017 1:52 pm

Named characters are legal and not limited by side. I dont think it is really fair to tell a single person that they can use their cool character, but no one else on that side can. I do realize it is a little out of sorts with how fluff should actually work, but I would like everyone to have a good time with their toys.

There are still spots available on both sides, but the imperial side is getting close to selling out.
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Re: Extra-Life 2017

Post by Dez » Sun Nov 05, 2017 11:41 am

Great event, thanks for everyone’s hard work and especially Kevin for organizing and running it!
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