Armada Resources - Third-party Accessories

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Armada Resources - Third-party Accessories

Post by Kinne » Thu Apr 28, 2016 9:54 pm

Going right along with the list of fleet builders, here are the companies I've found thus far that make third party accessories for Armada (several make things for X-Wing, too).

Kraken Skulls Consortium
- Command tokens, command dial and hull counters
- Lower prices

Recreator Studios
- Command/defense/initiative/objective tokens, range rulers (multiple lengths), setup markers, shield dials, turn dial, tournament carrying boxes, damage deck box
- Very high prices, long order times (1-2 weeks for tokens, 3-4 weeks for the boxes)

Applied Perspective
- Command/defense tokens, range ruler, 6' x 3' play mat (one option)
- Moderate prices

- Command/defense/objective/victory tokens, range rulers (multiple lengths)
- Moderate prices
- Tokens unpainted
- Ships from the UK

Wargaming Industries
- Command/defense tokens, range ruler (multiple lengths), play mats (under "Epic Playmats")
- Moderate prices

LITKO Game Accessories
- Command/defense/objective/victory tokens, command/speed dials, debris and asteroid fields, range rulers
- Low prices

Art of War Studios
- Command/defense/objective/victory tokens, ship and squadron placer sets (for moving ships/squadrons out of the way), range rulers
- Low prices
- Ships from the UK

CorSec Engineering
- Command/objective tokens, setup markers, squadron activation sliders, ship and squadron place holders, range rulers, command dials, turn dials, gaming mats (multiple choices, odd sizes)
- Low prices

DeepCut Studio
- Gaming mats (high quality, various sizes, custom work)
- Moderate to high prices
- Ships from the UK
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