The Siege of Megaborealis Background fluff

Find the rules, pairings and fluff for the Winter Kill Team League here. The league runs from 1/1/2019- to 2/12/2019
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The Siege of Megaborealis Background fluff

Post by Inquisitor Wall » Wed Dec 19, 2018 11:54 am

The Siege of Megaborealis

As the epic battle rages all across the planet of Vigilus, hundreds of thousands of lives have been destroyed by the war engines of the imperium and xenos alike. The one saving grace to the citizens across the planet has been the ability of the bastion class force fields that have been employed to both protect their major cities as well as limited natural resources. The genestealer cults have worked through subterfuge and shadow plots to get the forcefields lowered, the raptor swarms have been searching for weaknesses from above that may allow the rest of the chaos fleet access to these regions of strategic importance, and well the orks being orks have been mindlessly throwing themselves at the fields hoping they will simply smash their way through with sheer force and dakka. The hive sprawl of Megaborealis has been deemed by the xenos forces to be the easiest continent to achieve a strong foothold for reinforcements to safely arrive, but also crucial to the imperials if they hope to keep control of the planet.
The easternmost force field appears to be the most vulnerable, so small Kill Teams have been sent out to either work to guard or sabotage the force fields to better support their cause. There have also been reports of other races not yet seen on Vigilus in the region around the main field generator for Megaborealis as well. While these reports have not been verified, small bands of Necrons, and even Tau have been mentioned. Exactly what their involvement in the larger conflict or how they even arrived in the area are a mystery.
One thing that is apparent though is if the generator is to go down, it will cause the death of millions of civilians and put the imperial hold on the entire continent in peril.

The winning participant in the Kill Team league will get to decide the final fate of the generator!
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