Black Rage research team

Find the rules, pairings and fluff for the Winter Kill Team League here. The league runs from 1/1/2019- to 2/12/2019
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Black Rage research team

Post by Subsight » Wed Jan 02, 2019 8:35 pm

Season 1:

A kill team sent out by brother corbulo to protect his Black Rage research teams. The kill team is lead by Captian Epistolaries Michael and Sergeant Matthias. So far, they have succesfuly defended critical resources in a battle where Brother Able took a greivous wound, luckily, the apothecaries where able get him back into fighting shape. In another battle, the kill team managed to ubducted an adeptus mechanicus engine seer with little effort.

Season 2:

As the research team continued their work, they got the attention of the grey knights who tried to destroy some of their equipment. The blood angels defending the team managed to hold back the brutal assault. While recovering from the grey knight attack some dark eldar decided to try to steal some of the researchers, while the blood angels killed many of them, too many of the drukari got through and now the research team is a little short staffed. If that wasnt bad enough, a group of mechanicus came looking for their missing acolyte, they were rather rude but could not beat the blood angels.

Season 3:

Things seemed to be settling down and it looked like the research team would be safe, however, a group of eldar came screaming towards the camp and it was up to the blood angels to stop them. while a couple of the eldar made it past the space marines, it was not enough to cause any major damage and the eldar retreated. Not long after, the dark eldar returned, who knows what they wanted but whatever it was, they managed to get passed the space marines and take it. The research team was incredibly short staffed by now so they did some digging. They found some people researching relics related to the blood angels, unfortuanatly these people and everyone around them were targeted for elimination by the inquisition. The blood angels made a bold move and broke through the grey knights, retrieving some of the people they needed.
The other reaver
Head of the reavers in the kill team
The commander of the kill team

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