Kill Team Zed - TAU Empire

Find the rules, pairings and fluff for the Winter Kill Team League here. The league runs from 1/1/2019- to 2/12/2019
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Kill Team Zed - TAU Empire

Post by Blastercrazy » Thu Jan 03, 2019 1:08 am

The conflict surrounding the city of Megaborealis has intensified at an alarming rate for the Tau High Command of the Vigilus system. So much so that plans to infiltrate the city and begin negotiations for acceptance into the Empire and trade have been postponed for the foreseeable future. Risk to the Watercast on the surface is too high to remain in the city or even nearby. Not only to the representatives themselves but also to their Human counterparts at the embassy and courts for enabling the Watercast to conduct their political and social mission.

Therefore it is with utmost urgency to extract our ambassadors and recover the data they gathered on the city and its operations. Recovery of the data concerning the cities' shield generators is of the highest priority. More so than that of the Watercast representatives if both prove to be too difficult to accomplish.
Sauce for the goose Mr. Saavik. The odds will be even.

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