WEEK 2 (1/16/2019-1/29/2019)

Find the rules, pairings and fluff for the Winter Kill Team League here. The league runs from 1/1/2019- to 2/12/2019
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WEEK 2 (1/16/2019-1/29/2019)

Post by Inquisitor Wall » Tue Jan 15, 2019 3:14 pm

With arrival on Vigiulus and a secure foothold established outside of Megaborealis, kill teams are working to secure the necessary territory to continue with their plans for the forcefield. Calgar's forces have been collecting evidence of a wide range of races concentrating their efforts in the region. Even with a master tactician in place, the sheer mass of independent forces in the region is proving impossible to decipher any single plan

Week 2 mission: Sweep and Clear on page 56 of the core rulebook.
When playing the mission for the FIRST TIME during the session, the winner receives +2 territory if they win, or 1 resource of their choosing. Your scheduled mission for the week, MUST be against a different opponent than your scheduled game from week 1.

Please update your rosters and game record to reflect your games for week 2, and be sure to post pictures of your kill team painting progress and background to get the bonus resources.
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