How is the new edition?

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How is the new edition?

Post by Dez » Thu Jun 23, 2016 10:40 am

Hey all,

I'm just curious how the new edition is, what are your thoughts and feelings? I've played on and off (mostly off) since MK I (I recently recalled it was the first mini game I actually bought into and played!). I still have a pretty large Troll army, though my Cryx are long gone. I really liked the game because it reminded me of Magic, with all of its fun quirks and tricks.

I didn't like how easy it was to Caster Kill, or how sometimes I felt I had no chance no matter what I did (might be more due to experience/skill).

So my true question to you all is, can this be played Casually? Is it fun, or is it super hype competitive where I can lose in turn 1? I'm a busy guy, I look forward to the few hours I get to play games and don't want to feel like I'm just there to mark down wounds on my beasts :)

Thanks for any input you have.
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Re: How is the new edition?

Post by Kharn » Thu Jun 23, 2016 11:09 am

I like it a lot. The desire to more jacks, less people's is fun! The powerful armies like Cryx and Legion took a big hit. It feels more balanced for some. Their is always a way to play for fun, just message me!
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