TFL Final Standings

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TFL Final Standings

Postby Inquisitor Wall » Sat Dec 02, 2017 11:31 pm

With all games reported, here are the final standings for this year's TFL.

Jonah 15TP +20 43VP
Kevin 13TP +14diff 43VP
Jason 10TP +8diff 40VP
Brandon 9TP +5diff 37VP
Atticus 6TP -3diff 33VP
John 6TP -11 30VP
Josh 6TP -14diff 28VP
Corwin 6TP -21diff 27VP

Congratulations to Jonah for coming in first place. I have a large mystery box for you, and you will receive entrance to the TFL finals in the spring.
Jason and Josh were both randomly selected to receive a prize as well. I have a vintage Misaki and Dr. Sokolov to give out, and it would seem fitting that they go based on faction, so Jason will receive Misaki and Josh the Sokolov.

I was really impressed by the write ups from the game results. I hope everyone had a great time. I really enjoyed all of my games, even though some of the scheme pools were frustrating.

If anyone is interested in heading down to the tournament in the spring, hopefully we can get a group together.
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