Battle Log - Italy, 1943

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Battle Log - Italy, 1943

Post by Tex » Thu Jan 06, 2011 9:01 am

Elements of the 504 Armored battalion were tasked with performing a recon in force of the Italian village of Ziti :D . This unit promptly ran into an advanced column of German armor coming in from the west. A sharp battle ensued as the Germans, getting the drop on the Americans, poured murderous fire into the American tank units as a platoon of armored Panzer Grenadiers raced into the town square. Two Shermans and 2 Lees burned viciously as direct hits caused their ammunition and fuel to ignite. The Lees, being hunkered down in the South woods, decided that discretion was the better part of valor and did their best to not draw too much more fire. Opposite of the Lees, 4 StugIIIG assault guns hunkered down into great fire positions. Frantic messages were coming into the control center of the M7 mobile artillery battery. Priority fire was given to the Lees as they would not last long in the face of the Stugs. Shells rained down on the German South woods making the Stug crews re-think their position - they moved out from their position knowing that the big guns had found their range. North of the Lees, the surviving Shermans were faced with a major problem - a Tiger I. Knowing they could not destroy it from the front, the Shermans fired smoke at the Tiger in an attempt to blind it. The Tiger, needing the destroy the Shermans, moved out of the smoke and fired on the Shermans while being supported by 3 MkIVGs on a nearby hill. In an amazing stroke of luck, the Shermans did not suffer a single loss (although all were bailed out). This was the time that separated the men from the boys. The American tankers made a gut check and remounted their vehicles. Three Shermans were able to flank the Tiger and with a lucky shot into its side armor, blew it up. With the Tiger no longer a threat, the Shermans engaged the MkIVs on the hill and knocked them out as well. The surviving German forces beat a hasty retreat and the Americans held the town. High command ordered the Americans to hold. Unfortunately for the Americans, most of the German Stugs made good their escape, their thick frontal armor protecting them from the American 75's. The Germans would be back.
American loses - 2 Sherman tanks, 2 Lee tanks, 3 M7 priests
German loses - 1 Tiger tank, 3 MkIV tanks, 1 StugIIIG, 2 half tracks, 25 infantry.
Next Week - German counterattack on Ziti.
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Re: Battle Log - Italy, 1943

Post by Kinne » Thu Jan 06, 2011 9:06 am

Are the Germans going to call in support from the village of Rotini? ;)

Seriously though, I dig it. Nice battle report!

If you have the inclination and the free time, there is a free battle report map generator that you can use, Battle Chronicler. Unfortunately, I don't believe they have icons for armored vehicles, but you could just use larger rectangles to represent the armor.
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Re: Battle Log - Italy, 1943

Post by Dez » Thu Jan 06, 2011 10:15 am

Nice battle report! If I wasn't so frantic about trying to learn WarmaHordes by Saturday I would have watched it transpire.
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Re: Battle Log - Italy, 1943

Post by Randy » Thu Jan 06, 2011 10:48 pm

After the crushing loss of the Tiger the Infintry commander made a last ditch effort to knock out the american artillery. This was almost a moral victory as the 4 half tracks managed to take out 3 artillery batteries despite taking a flank volly of american 50 cal fire. The Infinty leader after taking unacceptible losses decided that he would save the Führer the effort of a punishment order and ended himself.
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