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Board Rules and Information...

Post by Greywolf » Fri Dec 11, 2009 8:26 pm

This is a new concept to The 131. We have formed a council of club members who will examine any non-standard models that players wish to use in club-run tournaments, and determine their practicality of use. Now, this is by no means meant to exclude or judge anyone's ability or intention. What we mean to do here is evaluate models in their relationship to what they're supposed to be representing. Our efforts are to widen the scope of what people are allowed to use in their armies as far as models, so that complete sculpts or scratch-builds, or even cool minis from another line, may be used. Unfortunately there are those who would take advantage of such open-mindedness, hence this council has been formed to keep things in check and hopefully ensure that obvious attempts to cut corners don't see the tabletop.

That being said, this is how the council will essentially work:
Step One - You submit your model to the council by starting a new thread. The title of the thread should hint at what types of models you are using. The post should include the information on the model -- if it's a scratch build or sculpt, what it's supposed to be and what it's made out of. If it's a non-Citadel mini, again what it's representing and which company produces it. Also be sure to include the relative size of the model (feel free to use size comparisons to GW models, such as "man-sized", "ogre sized", etc.). You MUST include pictures, and try to make them decent quality. You will be asked to take more pictures or present the model in person if the pictures are unacceptable.
Step Two -The council will privately discuss the model(s) in question, and give you a reply in a timely manner. This answer will either be Yes, Maybe or No.

And that's it! The thread will then be locked, and a link to it provided in a list of models that have been decided upon, for future reference.

What the Answer Means
Yes-Obviously this means that the council feels your model is the perfect representation of its Citadel counterpart. An example would be an eagle from another line to be used in a High Elf army. If the model in question cannot be mistaken for anything other than what it is intended to be, the council will tell you to use the model freely in tournaments.
Maybe-The council, or at least several of its members, feel that the model does accurately represent what it is intended to, but it may be confusing to your opponent in the heat of a game. An example could be Imperial Guard stormtroopers converted from Space Marine scouts. If you are given an "Acceptable" answer, then you may use the model in tournaments, but it is highly recommended that you bring an "out-of-the-box" backup, meaning the Citadel models. Your opponent has the right to ask that you swap out the converted models for the obvious ones, and it is your responsibility to have such models on hand. If you do not, and the Tournament Organizer determines that your opponent is actually confused and not just trying to get the models pulled, then you will have to play that round without the models in question at all. Bear in mind that the replacement models need not be painted or even yours -- borrowing your buddy's Ultramarines as a backup to your heavily converted Imperial Fists would be more than acceptable. Remember that the TO has the final say in any conflicts concerning the replacement of models. And don't worry -- your converted models will be the ones that the painting judges will consider, not your replacements.
No-This is rather obvious. The council has concluded that your models are not fit to be used in tournaments. You will be given a reason why, such as they are far too confusing, inappropriate for the game in question, or are blatantly an attempt to put sub-par models into the game whether due to laziness or cutting costs. Examples would be green army men and legos, though overly complex conversions that just don't make sense (even if 100% GW parts) would also fall into this category. The council's word on this is final, and if you use said models anyway, the TO and your opponents reserve the right to have them pulled from the table, and you will not be allowed to replace them with Citadel counterparts.

As a final note, please bear in mind that this is something truly different. It is a middle ground between barring non-Citadel models altogether, and letting people use anything they wish in the game. While it is understood that people are very defensive of models they spend a lot of time on, the word of this council is final, and it is asked that you respect any decisions made.

A note on this board -- All comments should be limited to members of the TMC, and the person submitting the model(s) in question. Any other posts will be deleted. :twisted:
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