Campaign Update (02/12)

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Campaign Update (02/12)

Post by Kinne » Fri Feb 12, 2010 11:03 am

Jotunfjell was angry. So many craft entering the atmosphere and so many high-energy shots from orbit charged the very air with energy. The cloud banks, normally well below the peaks near Jotunheim, surged upwards, crackling with lightning. The area all around the city was struck with the fiercest storm that anyone could remember. Snow fell so heavily that visibility was measured in inches, and massive flashes of lightning left everyone blinded for minutes. The storm raged for only a few hours, and dissipated as quickly as it had formed, leaving everything buried under a fresh layer of snow. For those few hours, however, few battles were fought. Attempting to press forward in the blizzard was all but suicidal, and only the most foolhardy commanders attempted such an action.

In the aftermath of the storm, both sides shook themselves free and readied to do battle anew.

Alright folks, we've updated the map once again, although there haven't been many reported battles. I would imagine the threat of weather kept quite a few people away on Wednesday night (it certainly kept me at home). Anyway, check the map sections for updated stratagem lists before your next game, and keep on fightin'! Be sure to get those games reported as soon as possible after you play them!

Eastern Approach - 83% Alliance Control
Southern Woods - 81% Alliance Control
Silent Pass - 61% Alliance Control (Will fall soon!)
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