Withdrawal From Southern Woods -- Campaign Update (02/22)

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Withdrawal From Southern Woods -- Campaign Update (02/22)

Post by Kinne » Mon Feb 22, 2010 2:28 pm

The Southern Woods had morphe from a virgin wilderness into a charnel house. Countless thousands had fought and died amidst trees that had stood undisturbed for thousands of years. Now, great swathes of forest were laid bare, charred to ash and destroyed. The defenders had put up an incredible fight, piling the bodies of their enemies in macabre monuments to their skill, but it was not enough. Despite horrific losses, the enemy still pressed forward, and the defenders were forced to choose between a tactical withdrawal or utter annihilation. They chose to withdraw.

Rallying behind the freezing barrier of the Higelac River, they replenished their supplies and readied to join the fight anew. Now there would be no careful maneuvers and cunningly-laid ambushes. The thinner trees of the northern woods afforded less cover and fewer hiding places. North of the river, it was going to be a face-to-face, straightforward battle.

The Mines - 100%
Northern Woods - 100%
Eastern Pass - 83%
Southern Woods - FALLEN!
Silent Pass - FALLEN!
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Re: Withdrawal From Southern Woods -- Campaign Update (02/22)

Post by Grandmaster marc » Mon Feb 22, 2010 3:55 pm

NO!, who decided this tactical retreat i was not in vote for this! im in out rage!

(this is only for campaign drama)
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