Campaign Update (03/02)

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Campaign Update (03/02)

Post by Kinne » Tue Mar 02, 2010 8:53 am

For the fourth straight week, battle raged on. But it seemed as though war weariness was beginning to tell on the attackers. Assaults on Alliance positions became infrequent, and started to lack the ferocity so characteristic of their earlier attacks. Has the Cult lost its momentum? Its will to fight? Would the Angels of Purity even be needed to drive them back?

With each passing moment, the combined Marine and Adeptus fleet drew ever nearer. Still days away from their objective, could the Cult rally in a last effort to reach the city, before death fell from the skies?

Only eleven days remain until the megabattle, and the Cult is still a long way from the city. Cult players, be sure you're reporting your victories, or else you'll never make it!

The Mines - 100%
Northern Woods - 94%
Eastern Pass - 81%
Southern Woods - FALLEN!
Silent Pass - FALLEN!
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