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Membership and Contact Information...

Post by Greywolf » Wed Dec 09, 2009 4:14 pm

Since forums can be a little confusing, we wanted to make sure everyone knew who to talk to if you have a question. The structure of The 131 is pretty simple -- there are four officers, who work to schedule and run official club events, participate in the tournament model council, help promote the club and community, maintain the website and forums. The current club officers are:

(Technology Officer) -- J Rzasa, J Rzasa on the forums
-- Jonah Zimmerman, Commander_Jay on the forums
- Kevin Wall, Inquisitor Wall on the forums
-Shawn Callan, Blastercrazy on the forums

If you have any questions, just contact any one of us. We'll be able to get you an answer. And this club is focused on things happening in the overall gaming community, so if you know of an event being run nearby or would like to run one yourself, definitely drop us a line and we'd love to help promote it.

Also, while The 131 welcomes everyone to our meeting nights and to nearly all of our events, we do offer a membership to those who have the time and desire to commit themselves to expanding gaming in our area. While there is a member fee, there is a list of benefits that come with membership:

- Access to the Member's forum
- Access to Member-only events
- Voting rights in all club decisions (officer elections are held every July)
- Discounted entry fees to 131 tournaments
- Access to The 131's Library and Toolkit (library is located at the back of Off the Wall Games)
- Advanced signup opportunities for club-run events with limited participation
- Distinguishing iconography on the forums for event participation (green handle name on the forum)
- 15% discount at local stores (Off the Wall)
- A nifty membership card

If you have any questions about membership, feel free to contact one of the guys listed above. As far as member dues are concerned, they are $15 a year. Sign ups can be done at any point during the year and are valid for the current calendar year. All members must reregister in January to remain a member.

Club officers can be reached through the club email address
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