Xenos worlds

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Xenos worlds

Post by Ankaru » Tue Jul 26, 2016 3:34 am

I doubt this is very believable in the 40k universe, but if there were xenos worlds that didn't have advanced technology, like a feral world with swords and bows, what futuristic equivalent would they fight most like?

I would say They would be purely defensive in nature. Certainly no heavy weapons except maybe catapults or ballista which wouldn't do much at all against anything tougher than a trukk. If their weapons were let's say crossbows for ranged, then they'd most likely be as good as lasguns. Maybe Splinter weapons as poison can be used effectively with sufficiently powerful crossbows.

Transports wouldnt exist outside of cavalry or anything horse drawn.

I doubt any of their melee weapons would be the equivalent of power weapons, but swords or spears could be enchanted of there were magic. And who knows what tricks xenos have?

I highly doubt this kind of army would win much battles. Perhaps in vast numbers but in a technology standpoint they would be decimated.
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