Infinity Summer Escalation League

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Infinity Summer Escalation League

Post by WildBorr » Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:19 pm

This summer, the 131 gaming club will be running an Infinity Escalation league. The league will start on June 3rd, 2018 and will run 6 sessions, 2 weeks each.

Each participant will select a single faction or Sectorial army to play for the duration of the league. Experienced players are encouraged to play a new faction. During each session, players will have one scheduled game, and one open challenge game. The mission for the scheduled games will be predetermined based on ITS rules per Season 9: Treason. The challenge game can be any mission you want, however keep in mind that ITS missions are designed for full 300 point lists and may not be viable to play with smaller lists.

The points values for corresponding sessions are as follows:
1 - 100 pts/2 SWC
2 - 120 pts/2 SWC
3 - 150 pts/3 SWC
4 - 200 pts/4 SWC
5 - 250 pts/5 SWC
6 - 300 pts/6 SWC

In addition, sessions 1 and 2 will not have a Lieutenant, and 1-3 cannot make use of advanced rules. This includes: Hacking, Fire Teams, Command Points, Coordinated Orders, Terrain rules, and Structure rules. You are allowed to bring a hacker for the purposes of bringing a Remote or TAG in your force, but they may not use their hacking programs until the 4th session.

Prizes will be supplied by the 131 club, and will be done in a round robin method of drafting prizes. Points will be accrued as follows:
1 - 1 point for playing your scheduled game (available each session)
2 - 1 point for playing a challenge game (available each session)
3 - Up to 10 points for painting and playing with a model (1 point for each model this is done with)
4 - 1 point for winning a game (available once each session)
5 - 6 points for reporting all games on time (given at end of league)

Post here to sign up with your name, and what faction/Sectorial you will be playing. Note that a Sectorial is not required. After the third session, players will be given the option to switch factions or add a Sectorial to their choice.

Steve - Non-Aligned Armies - Ikari Company Sectorial
Scarf - Aleph - Steel Phalanx Sectorial
Dan - PanO - Military Orders Sectorial
Jacob M - Combined Army - Onyx Contact Force Sectorial
Gwen - ???

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Re: Infinity Summer Escalation League

Post by LordAratan » Wed Apr 18, 2018 2:40 pm

I am looking forward to participate!

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Brian's Infinity Summer Escalation League Painted Models

Post by whytwolf » Sun Aug 19, 2018 10:25 pm

Here is what I completed during the league. I might have one more done by the end of the week.
20180819_144003 (2).jpg
20180819_143949 (2).jpg
20180819_143917 (2).jpg
20180819_143907 (2).jpg
20180819_143846 (2).jpg
20180819_143837 (2).jpg
20180819_143828 (2).jpg
20180819_143811 (2).jpg
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