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Dark Age Escalation League 7/15/2017

Posted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 2:06 pm
by CodenameDan
Hey guys and gals,
So we're going to be doing a casual escalation league. Basically this is a good way for people who either are new or want to give a new army an in-depth try without having a tournament in the line. The rules are as follows:

The league will run from 7/15/17 to 9/9/17

The league will be 8 weeks, broken into 2 week segments.
Weeks 1-2 - 300 pts
Weeks 3-4 - 500 pts
Weeks 5-6 - 750 pts
Weeks 7-8 - 1000 pts

Games will be reported in the Western MA Dark Age group.

Players will be able to play 3 games per session that can count towards the league. I recommend playing more. Dark Age is super fun.

Players will score LP (League Points) For the following:
Winning - 3 LP (+1 tabling, + scenario victory)
Tying - 2 LP
Losing - 1 LP
Killing a Huge, Giant or 80mm base model - 4 LP
Killing an enemy character - 5 LP

Players can also score HP (Hobby Points) as follows:
Basing / finishing previously started models - 1 HP
Building a model of any size - 1 HP
Painting to completion:
30 mm - 2 HP
40 mm - 3 HP
50 mm - 4 HP
80 mm - 5 HP
Characters - 6 HP
Progress must be posted in the proper section of the Western MA Dark Age group.

Players will use the 2017 secondary objective decks and scenarios from the 2017 Master rules and the 2017 MTI document. There's a chart you can roll on to determine your scenario.

The battle plan is that I'll have a book with all the info on it for you guys prior to the league. When you sign up, include your faction as well.

May the dice be ever in your favor and remember: EVERYTHING DIES.