Board Guidelines and Trade Disclaimer...

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Board Guidelines and Trade Disclaimer...

Post by Greywolf » Wed Dec 09, 2009 4:01 pm

The 131, as a club of dedicated wargamers, is very aware of the fact that many of us end up with a great deal of minis and other items we don't want and don't intend to keep. We are more than happy to provide a specific board where forum members can feel free to post up items they're looking to get rid of or just looking for, and arrange trades or sales as they wish. However, we do ask everyone follow these simple guidelines:

1) Do not put forward any trade/sale that you have no intention of following through on.
2) There are no restrictions on what you can trade/sell, although you're most likely to have success with items directly related to gaming.
3) We do not allow the posting of anything illegal, illicit or stolen. Use common sense on this, and if you're unsure, ask an administrator.

As a last note, while The 131 is glad to provide an easy means of arranging these trades and sales, we by no means accept any responsibility for their validity or fairness, nor do we accept any responsibility for the condition of the items involved. We do ask, however, that you report any abuse of these forums, as well as any unscrupulous traders, to an administrator.
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