BB League Schedule (09/29 - 11/10)

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BB League Schedule (09/29 - 11/10)

Post by Kinne » Wed Sep 22, 2010 12:37 pm

Alright Blood Bowl fans, here's the official word from the League Commissioner (yours truly) for this year's season of Blood Bowl! Each player will be asked to play one or two games per week, which will be determined by the overall number of teams. In other words, the more teams we have, the more games will be played! Games must be completed and reported between Wednesday and Monday to qualify for a given week. Games not completed or not reported in that timeframe will be discounted, and all winnings, earned Star Player Points, advancements and injuries will be ignored. That being said, the schedule is as follows:

September 29 - October 4 Exhibition Games

October 6 - October 11 Exhibition Games

October 13 - October 18 Regular Season, Week One

October 20 - October 25 Regular Season, Week Two

October 27 - November 1 Regular Season, Week Three

November 3 - November 8 Regular Season, Week Four

November 10 - November 15 Regular Season, Week Five

November 17 - November 22 Regular Season, Week Six

November 20 OR 27 OR December 4 The Spike! Magazine Tournament

Exhibition games are purely for practice, and so those newer to the game or the team they're fielding have a chance to test out their lineup a few times before the season proper begins. During the exhibition period, players create their starting team as normal (from 1,000,000 crowns), but may change this at any time between games. Once the exhibition period has ended, players create their final roster and submit it to the league commissioner before the first day of the regular season.

Regular season games are scheduled by the players themselves. Players should attempt to play opponents that they have not played thus far in the league. Check the League Rules for details on this.

The Spike! Magazine Tournament will be held on one of the dates listed, as determined by availability of space and player's schedules. There will be more details on the tournament as it approaches.
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