Exhibition Week Two!

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Exhibition Week Two!

Post by Kinne » Wed Oct 06, 2010 8:32 am

Hey again, sports fans! Bob Overhausen here, with our slow-witted but big-fisted friend, Jim Flatnose.


Eloquent as ever, Jim. Well folks, not much to report from our first week of exhibition. There were only two matchups, the Philadelfia Eagles vs. the Orcland Raiders, and those same Orcland Raiders vs. the Amherst Lord Elfs. Nothing yet from the rest of the league, whether that's a sign of laziness, cowardice or overconfidence.

Y'know Bob, hiding your strategy is one thing, but practice makes perfect. Unless you're practicing something wrong. Then, uh, I guess practice makes imperfect?

Don't think too hard, Jim. Anyway, while there wasn't much on the pitch, there is definitely some news from the League Commissioner. Apparently, the league has expanded to include the undead terror, the Wastington Deadskins, as well as another brutal team from across the pond, the Druchii Defilers. Now the league's getting bigger, and also a bit more diversified. Hopefully we'll have more to report for next week, but for now, this is Bob Overhausen for Jim Flatnose, saying "See you on the pitch!"

We're going into the second week of the exhibition, with only a single week left before the regular season begins. Be sure to get your practice games in, and make sure to submit your final team rosters before next Wednesday!
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Re: Exhibition Week Two!

Post by Swooping_Raven » Wed Oct 06, 2010 11:26 pm

Amherst Lord Elfs fall again to the Orcland Raiders 2-1

The Lord Elfs took a serious beating today, moreso than the score suggested. Amherst had three deaths, one season ending injury and one player injured and returned to the lineup. Early in the first half, Amherst completed a very long pass to a wide open receiver only to have an orc tackle him from behind (typical orc back-stab thing to do). The Orcs score on the ensuing drive. On Amherst's next posession, they set up the pass more carefuly, the passer threw a perfect pass, and the wide open receiver who was miles away from the nearest orc DROPS the ball!! The nearest orc tried to recover the fumble, dropped it too, looking about as clumsy as, well, an orc. The nearest elf thrower moved in, scooped up the ball and threw into the endzone for the Lord Elf's first and only preseason score. Short by four players, Amherst was unable to prevent the orc's winning TD as the clock ran out.
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