Week Two (10/20 - 10/25)

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Week Two (10/20 - 10/25)

Post by Kinne » Fri Oct 22, 2010 9:05 am

Howdy once again, sports fans! I'm Bob Overhausen with that mutilated mountain of a man, Jim Flatnose!


Well folks, it was an exciting week for Blood Bowl. We saw the regular season start up, and there were some exciting games to be had!

You got that right, Bob. I lost count of the players sent to the infirmary this week!

You do know, Jim, that the point of the game is to score touchdowns? Anyway, first up we have a matchup between the Amherst Lord Elfs and the Orcland Raiders. I tell you, folks, this was a weird one. It ended in a 1 - 1 tie, but the big surprise comes in the casualties column. The wood elves managed to dance around and send an orc player from the pitch, but the greenskins did not cause a single injury!

I was shocked, Bob. Why, you could sneeze on one of those tree-huggers and they would fall down!

You've got that right, Jim. In fact, the greenskins seem to have spent much of the game bashing their heads up against the Lord Elfs' treeman in an attempt to take him out.

Bah, I've slammed into a treeman head-on before, and I turned out just fine!

Glad to hear it, Jim.

Bah, I've slammed into a treeman head-on before, and I turned out just fine!

. . .Right. Next up, we have the match between the Druchii Defilers and the Orcsburg Stranglers. Here we seen the greenskins manage to live up to their reputation, putting three dark elves out of the game. As usual, violence wasn't the answer, and the game ended in a 2 - 2 tie. Finally, the Naggarond Paleskins had a double-header, facing off first against the Philadelfia Eagles, and then against the Karak Eight Peak Piercers.

Both exciting games, Bob. I was on the edge of my seat!

In their first match, the Paleskins had difficulty getting anything going. They were slipping and tripping all over the field while the Eagles danced around them, and laid plenty of them out on the pitch. There was plenty of blood spilled on both sides, however. Elrond Strongarm, thrower for the Eagles and expected leader of the team, suffered an injury early in the first half, shortly after completing his first and only pass of the game. Lineman Glorfindel Shinyhelmet stepped up to fill the gap, however, throwing three complete passes by game's end! The Eagles managed to sail high over their cousins, winning this one 4 - 2. Luck continued to be against the dark elves in their second matchup. For starters, it rained the entire match, limiting the dark elves' ability to advance the ball through the air. Even more unfortunate, the casualty caused in their earlier match would be their only one of the day, as they failed to injure a single goblin!

Not injuring a goblin is like not drinking a tankard of ale, Bob. Inexcusable!

Insightful as always, Jim. Anyway, the goblins swarmed like angry hornets, causing a whopping six injuries on the dark elves, including a dead lineman! This game went into overtime, until one of the Piercers' trolls managed to toss the goblin ball carrier into the endzone to win this one in the final seconds. This game definitely earns our award for Bloodiest Game of the Week! That's all for now, folks. Tune in next week to catch more Blood Bowl fever. For now, I'm Bob Overhausen for Jim Flatnose saying, 'See you on the pitch!'
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Re: Week Two (10/20 - 10/25)

Post by Inquisitor Wall » Sat Oct 23, 2010 10:25 pm

The Paleskins have taken revenge from their humiliating season openers with a 3-2 win over their High Elf brethren.
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Re: Week Two (10/20 - 10/25)

Post by FaceBeater » Sun Oct 24, 2010 11:29 am

Da OrcsBurgh Stranglers vs Dallas Scaleboys ended up ina draw apprently only thing tht the stranglers could roll tht day were push backs lol not very like them at all


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