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Re: Ork Speculations

Post by Kinne » Thu May 05, 2011 1:36 pm

I think everyone got that treatment, Dez. Imperial Guard regiments (Regimental Doctrines), Space Marine chapters (Chapter Traits), Eldar Craftworlds, Chaos Legions. At least with Space Marines, there's a LITTLE bit of "Take this guy to play this army", but then you MUST use a special character, and it's nowhere near as customizable. I wonder if that direction will change and they'll swing back the other way. It would be great at first, but would likely return to that point where "I play IG" just means you play humans, as the various regiments could have seriously different makeups. There used to be a Chapter Trait for Marines that allowed an apothecary in every squad (Sweeney rocked that), and another where each Sarge could be upgraded to have Terminator Armor.

Wound allocation is my only gripe against nobs. That and it doesn't make sense to me that EVERY nob can take a Bosspole and Waaagh! banner. How can there be more than one "boss" in a single unit? And how would the Warboss feel if he joined a unit and one of da boys had a "boss" pole?
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Re: Ork Speculations

Post by Commander_Jay » Thu May 05, 2011 3:05 pm

My objection is that in a fair fight, you can do 5 wounds to Nobs, and not kill a man, and they do 5 back, which removes half your squad (or worse). Others, like terminators suffer from having only one wound and striking last, but not Nobs.
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