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Armada Resources - Fleet Generators

Post by Kinne » Thu Apr 28, 2016 8:55 pm

Going along with the upcoming league, I thought I'd start posting the Armada resources I've come across. First up we have fleet builders. I've limited the selection to the two that I think are best (although I've only found about four). If you find any others and want them added, let me know.

Armada Warlords
This is the one I'm partial to. The fleet generator itself is very good, with full cards displayed. The website also has a lot of great information on every ship, upgrade and objectives. You can also look at publicly posted lists, but there is no rating system, so the list could be the next unstoppable list, or complete and utter crap.
- Intuitive and fast for building fleets
- Easy to use on computer and tablet/phone
- Adding and removing cards is easy
- Multiple formats for exporting/printing
- Ships and Squadrons are in separate areas
- Multiple squadrons of the same type only show a single card image with the number included
- Larger pictures means lots of scrolling up and down
- Points spent/remaining is only at the top of the page (so more scrolling up and down to check)
- Upgrades can only be removed by selecting the upgrade type, and then scrolling down to a "Remove Upgrade" button

And the last notes are both a pro and a con, or neither:
- You can add as much as you want into a list, even exceeding the point value. This allows you to create a list of everything you want and then trim back, but doesn't warn you that you've gone over (checking that you've exceeded points is easy, though).
- You can add anything you want into a list. So you can create wish lists with ships you don't have. However, this means you can sometimes make a list that includes an upgrade you don't have or don't have enough of (Turbolaser Reroute Circuits is probably the best example here).
- Upgrades are listed by points cost.

Fab's Fleet Generator
This one is not quite as intuitive as Warlords, but it has an amazing feature - you can put in everything that you own. This means you can manually create a list, and it will only show you the models and upgrades available to you.

- You can enter your collection and create a list that limits your choices to just the models/upgrades you own, or use "Free" mode to create a list of whatever you want
- It can create random lists for you (focusing on balance, maximum upgrades, etc.), allowing for fresh combinations or a completely random force to test your command skills
- If you enter your collection and create a "Free Mode" list, there's a button that will tell you how many of which expansion you need for all of the ships and upgrades you don't have yet (the prices are bugged, but otherwise it's pretty cool)
- Points spent/remaining are easy to see without scrolling (unless you're making a very large fleet)
- Lists can be printed out in multiple formats

- Cards are too small to be read once added to the list
- Squadrons are represented by individual cards (so eight TIE Fighters display as eight cards)
- There is a single add button, so you have to click "Add", then "Objectives/Ships/Squadrons" (you have to go through multiple screens each time)
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