Tank Aces League

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Tank Aces League

Post by Kinne » Thu Jul 11, 2013 1:10 pm

Alright folks, the league starts in just over a week-and-a-half, so here're the things you need to know! First off, I have the league rules uploaded to Google Drive, so please PM me your e-mail address and I'll share the document with you. This isn't necessary, but will definitely get you up to speed. Also attached to this thread are the tracking sheets for your force and tank ace, as well as a copy of the result sheets for reporting games. Don't worry about printing any of that stuff out (unless you really want to!), as I'll have copies for all participants on Wednesday, the 24th. Here're the specifics for the league:

Start Date - Sunday, July 21st
End Date - Saturday, August 24th
League Turn One - July 21st through July 27th
League Turn Two - July 28th through August 10th
League Turn Three - August 11th through August 24th
Entry Fee - None!
Painting Requirement - None!

As you can see, Turn One of the league will be only a single week, with Turns Two and Three lasting two weeks each. We will do the "Out of the Fog" scenario to wrap the league up, with the date TBD.

There are a few things I want to highlight from the rules (although I'm certain you're all going to read them thoroughly yourselves):

- You can use any Late-War Tank Company from any nation. Note that it must be listed as a Tank Company.
- You do NOT have to take the obligatory units (HQ Platoon, and two Combat Platoons)
- You MUST take at least one HQ, Combat or Weapons Platoon
- For Turn One, you CANNOT take any Support Platoons (you can in Turns Two and Three)
- You MUST keep the same company and format throughout the league (i.e. if you do a British Tank Squadron as Irish Guards, you cannot switch to 11th Armoured partway through the league). However, you MAY alter the platoons you take each game.
- You MUST keep your Tank Ace the same in every game. So if your Ace is part of your HQ Platoon, you must take an HQ Platoon with your Ace's tank every game (though you can change the Platoon's size and composition, as long as your Ace remains the same)
- Your Tank Ace must either be your Company Command team or a Platoon Command team

If you have any questions on those rules, or the league rules in general, don't hesitate to reply here, send me a PM or approach me at OtW.

I will have the league tracker posted up at OtW hopefully this coming Wednesday, but definitely by the 24th so everyone can see the league's progress. Remember that you can play any number of games against any number of opponents, which is especially important to remember during the first week when games will likely only take ten or fifteen minutes.

That's all for now. So hit those tables and get those tanks rolling!
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Re: Tank Aces League

Post by Dez » Thu Jul 11, 2013 1:59 pm

I'm interested, but I won't be around the first 2 weeks.
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Re: Tank Aces League

Post by whytwolf » Mon Jul 15, 2013 4:37 pm

Sent email.
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